The Faulconers

The Faulconers
October 2010

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In hopes of warmer weather....

I just realized that I never posted the pictures of our water fun last summer like I said i was going to so here are a few in hopes of it bringing on warmer weather. :-)

Sprinkler fun!!!!!

Playing in the sun....he's not really into the sprinkler much.

Wading pool @ Washington park
Wading pool @ Washington park

Ok so now bring on the warm weather and sunshine....I'm ready to play in the water!!!! :-)

Long time....and scrapbooking plea :-)

Just wanted to do a quick post while I was looking at everyone else's. :-)

Life is going fairly well for us right now.

I am working part time (nights) at Central Washington Hospital Emergency Room and that is exciting because I got hired on at a really good time for the "Med Rec" position.  There are 4 of us CMA's that do the Med Rec job which entails visiting with each patient and getting an up to date medication list from the patient and inputting it in the computer.  But I got hired just as they decided to expand our roles and utilize more of our skills which is just awesome so we are also doing EKG's and will eventually be doing blood draws.  Along with the fact that I refuse to only do my job :-) so I am constantly learning as much about the department as I can and trying to learn whatever I can to help out the RN's and the techs such as transporting patients to the "floor" (when they are admitted to the hospital) and I am in the process of getting computer clearance to cross train for another position so I can help cover breaks.  I figure with the money crunch the hospital is in....the more indispensable I can make myself the more job security I can buy myself. :-) I am sure my Med Rec coworkers would like me to stop finding new jobs to take on but I work nights and there are times when I sit for hours with nothing to do so I find new things to learn. :-)

As for Brad, he was back with the union for what was supposed to be 4-6 weeks but after 2 weeks of work they were out of work again. :-)  SO I think we are done with the union.  There is no work and no stability with the union right now.  We are trying to focus on getting it to work with him working full time with his dad.  It gives us the flexibility we need for my hours and the boys and it allows Brad to do what he actually enjoys.  So i am praying that this is what he is supposed to be doing.  I feel like it but it is so hard to know sometimes. So I guess we will just keep praying and taking each day one day at a time.

The boys are doing great.  Cameron is enjoying 1st grade and learning so much.  He is ahead of where he is supposed to be for reading and has brought home many +19/20 and +20/20 spelling tests so we are very proud of him and make sure we put those on the fridge so he knows we are proud of how hard he worked.  He has been working really hard at keeping his focus in class where it needs to be and it shows on his daily tracker report so that is a big deal for him. :-)  He is getting excited to start soccer next month.  We gave him the option of soccer, baseball or hockey for spring sport and he chose soccer.   We tried to encourage him to try baseball since it would be with a pitching machine or hockey since he hadn't tried it before but he had his mind set on soccer so we signed him up.  He is not easily persuaded. :-) Kinda stubborn like his daddy if you ask me. LOL  But we didn't really care which sport he played as long as he chose to play a spring sport so that he was staying active. 

Ethan is really enjoying preschool. This month they are doing something pertaining to science each class. He has really enjoyed the science stuff.  He loves his teacher and really likes his class.  He is learning a lot. He learns a lot from his brother too.  Just the other day he counted by 10s to 100 using the same rhythm that Cameron was taught.  He also learned how to spell Mississippi because we were challenging Cameron to learn it. LOL  We are hoping that this fall he will have the confidence to try playing soccer.  Right now we can't get him to do anything without us or brother other than his preschool class.  So we really want to get him broke out of his "shell".  We did finally agree that he would do one more year of preschool instead of starting kindergarten this fall.  He is just so little and and socially not ready for all day kindergarten.  His preschool teacher put it this way:  It's a decision of whether we want him to survive or thrive....if he went to kindergarten this fall she has no doubt he would survive but he would probably struggle.  If we let him go through Pre-k and do kindergarten next year she feels he would thrive not just survive. So Brad and I decided we don't want him to struggle like we both did through school.  And Cameron was almost 6 when he started kindergarten due to his late birthday so Ethan will be just a little older when he starts school. 

Ethan's class wearing their Stegosaurus hats they made. :-)

So there you have update on our lives. :-)

Sorry I haven't been posting things, I check on everyone's often I just don't usually take the time to post anything.  I am really in need of a scrapbook day!!!!  We need to plan it on a weekend that I am off and Karalee can come up so we can spend the day in scrapbook bliss. :-) LOL  I haven't scrapbooked in so long and really need to get some done and hopefully keep working on it so I can get somewhat caught up.  But it is so much more fun to do it with a group. :-)  So that is my plea.....please can we all think about maybe planning something. :-)