The Faulconers

The Faulconers
October 2010

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In hopes of warmer weather....

I just realized that I never posted the pictures of our water fun last summer like I said i was going to so here are a few in hopes of it bringing on warmer weather. :-)

Sprinkler fun!!!!!

Playing in the sun....he's not really into the sprinkler much.

Wading pool @ Washington park
Wading pool @ Washington park

Ok so now bring on the warm weather and sunshine....I'm ready to play in the water!!!! :-)

Long time....and scrapbooking plea :-)

Just wanted to do a quick post while I was looking at everyone else's. :-)

Life is going fairly well for us right now.

I am working part time (nights) at Central Washington Hospital Emergency Room and that is exciting because I got hired on at a really good time for the "Med Rec" position.  There are 4 of us CMA's that do the Med Rec job which entails visiting with each patient and getting an up to date medication list from the patient and inputting it in the computer.  But I got hired just as they decided to expand our roles and utilize more of our skills which is just awesome so we are also doing EKG's and will eventually be doing blood draws.  Along with the fact that I refuse to only do my job :-) so I am constantly learning as much about the department as I can and trying to learn whatever I can to help out the RN's and the techs such as transporting patients to the "floor" (when they are admitted to the hospital) and I am in the process of getting computer clearance to cross train for another position so I can help cover breaks.  I figure with the money crunch the hospital is in....the more indispensable I can make myself the more job security I can buy myself. :-) I am sure my Med Rec coworkers would like me to stop finding new jobs to take on but I work nights and there are times when I sit for hours with nothing to do so I find new things to learn. :-)

As for Brad, he was back with the union for what was supposed to be 4-6 weeks but after 2 weeks of work they were out of work again. :-)  SO I think we are done with the union.  There is no work and no stability with the union right now.  We are trying to focus on getting it to work with him working full time with his dad.  It gives us the flexibility we need for my hours and the boys and it allows Brad to do what he actually enjoys.  So i am praying that this is what he is supposed to be doing.  I feel like it but it is so hard to know sometimes. So I guess we will just keep praying and taking each day one day at a time.

The boys are doing great.  Cameron is enjoying 1st grade and learning so much.  He is ahead of where he is supposed to be for reading and has brought home many +19/20 and +20/20 spelling tests so we are very proud of him and make sure we put those on the fridge so he knows we are proud of how hard he worked.  He has been working really hard at keeping his focus in class where it needs to be and it shows on his daily tracker report so that is a big deal for him. :-)  He is getting excited to start soccer next month.  We gave him the option of soccer, baseball or hockey for spring sport and he chose soccer.   We tried to encourage him to try baseball since it would be with a pitching machine or hockey since he hadn't tried it before but he had his mind set on soccer so we signed him up.  He is not easily persuaded. :-) Kinda stubborn like his daddy if you ask me. LOL  But we didn't really care which sport he played as long as he chose to play a spring sport so that he was staying active. 

Ethan is really enjoying preschool. This month they are doing something pertaining to science each class. He has really enjoyed the science stuff.  He loves his teacher and really likes his class.  He is learning a lot. He learns a lot from his brother too.  Just the other day he counted by 10s to 100 using the same rhythm that Cameron was taught.  He also learned how to spell Mississippi because we were challenging Cameron to learn it. LOL  We are hoping that this fall he will have the confidence to try playing soccer.  Right now we can't get him to do anything without us or brother other than his preschool class.  So we really want to get him broke out of his "shell".  We did finally agree that he would do one more year of preschool instead of starting kindergarten this fall.  He is just so little and and socially not ready for all day kindergarten.  His preschool teacher put it this way:  It's a decision of whether we want him to survive or thrive....if he went to kindergarten this fall she has no doubt he would survive but he would probably struggle.  If we let him go through Pre-k and do kindergarten next year she feels he would thrive not just survive. So Brad and I decided we don't want him to struggle like we both did through school.  And Cameron was almost 6 when he started kindergarten due to his late birthday so Ethan will be just a little older when he starts school. 

Ethan's class wearing their Stegosaurus hats they made. :-)

So there you have update on our lives. :-)

Sorry I haven't been posting things, I check on everyone's often I just don't usually take the time to post anything.  I am really in need of a scrapbook day!!!!  We need to plan it on a weekend that I am off and Karalee can come up so we can spend the day in scrapbook bliss. :-) LOL  I haven't scrapbooked in so long and really need to get some done and hopefully keep working on it so I can get somewhat caught up.  But it is so much more fun to do it with a group. :-)  So that is my plea.....please can we all think about maybe planning something. :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of about 6 hummingbirds that are constantly flitting cute!
We just got back from a very short :-( trip to Brad's Granny and Papa's in Republic. It was a wonderful trip and super relaxing I just wish we could have stayed longer. The weather was decent and it's so quiet and pretty up there.  I got to sit and talk a lot to Granny and watch the hummingbirds flutter around the feeder and watch the squirrel taunt the cats from up in the tree.  We saw a few deer while on the porch and 2 while riding four wheelers. 

Looking north towards Canada from their front porch...the furthest mountain you see is in Canada. They are 16 miles from the Canadian border.
They really love riding the four wheelers!

I can't believe Cameron starts school in 3 weeks...OMG!  And he should be starting soccer practice in the next week or so and then with me starting orientation and 12hr training shifts (not sure how many days in a row yet but know that for training it will me noon to 12:30am shifts) it's going to be hectic for the next few weeks. But I am really excited for Cameron to start soccer and so is he.  Now I just have to stop procrastinating and go get him his gear. LOL  His Grammy Lynda took him school supply shopping so he is all set with that but we still have to go school clothes shopping which I am not looking forward to because he is very squirmy and loves to goof off in front of the mirror so getting him to go in to the dressing room and come out in a timely fashion is very hard and I usually end up getting very frustrated and so does he and it usually turns out to be a not very fun shopping experience for either one of us.  I have been trying to psych myself up for it and tell myself that he's a year older and so am I but he is still so wiggly and still gets so goofy in front of mirrors that I am still procrastinating the school clothes shopping trip but I know I have to go because he has grown out of all his clothes.  Alas I will eventually get to the store....and I am pretty sure it's gonna have to be this week because the next two weeks might be way too crazy. :-)  Although if anyone wants to take on the task of taking a vain almost 7 yr old boy clothes shopping please let me know I will gladly let you... LOL

Please pray that I find my patience somewhere between home and the store because I could really use a huge load of it when we go. :-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9 years....WOW!!!!!!!!!

So Brad and I just celebrated our 9yr anniversary last wednesday the 21st and it was so much fun.  We had Brad's cousin Shawn come watch the boys and we went and had dinner in Leavenworth and then went and played mini golf which he beat me at.  We got some good laughs in at mini golf though.  I had a few out of bounds hits that got us laughing so hard I was almost crying. At one point I hit the ball and it flew off the course and into a bush and we couldn't find it so we are looking and laughing and there is this boy whose like maybe 12 and he's looking at us like we are crazy and he points at the ball and says "it's right here" with a tone to his voice like "duh you old fogeys".  It was really fun to say the least.  So after that we went and got ice cream and sat in the downtown park area and ate it while people watching and listening to the music they play over the speakers (it's like a radio or something) and then decided to go down to Blackbird Island (i think that's the name) anyway we had walked around 1/2 the island and was coming back the other side of it and right in the middle of the path was a deer.  It wasn't spooked by us either.  So we stop and try to decide if we should just continue walking toward it or what.  By then it walks off the path into the trees so we continue to cautiously walk toward it's direction on the path.  I stopped to take pics because it really didn't seem to care about us.  Brad was a little worried that it was gonna attack us or something which was totally cracking me up.  Anyway I took a picture of it and then there was a rustling behind it and out comes a teeny tiny baby deer no taller than maybe 2 ft tall.  Runs up to the momma deer and starts suckling.  It was so precious. I tried to get a picture but seeing as all i had was my phone I didn't exactly get a professional photo. 
She is right in the middle...the baby isn't in this least not that I know of anyway I didn't see where the baby stood up from.
All in all it was a wonderful evening and a great way to spend our anniversary.  It was nice to spend some time just the two of us and laugh and have fun together. And the boys had fun with their "Uncle Joe" aka Shawn.  It amazes me how long 9 years is and how it seems to have flown by and especially when I think about the fact that we have been together 13 1/2 years....almost 1/2 my life I have spent with Brad...WOW.  Well here's to the future and what it holds in store fore us!  TTFN

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New direction

So after my last rambling about facebook I decided I needed to change things. I removed some previous posts so that hopefully people don't feel as though I am complaining.  I am going to try to keep this as only upbeat happening and keep my all other thoughts between me, Brad and God.  Maybe that's where they need to stay, sorry for burdening you all with them in the past.  You all have enough in your lives to worry about without having to worry about Brad and I so on to a new start with a better blog. :-)  We will get through all this with God's help and I know I have friends who care about me and I don't need to put my struggles out there in hopes that someone comments just so I am reminded of that.  So no more ( unless I forget and regress. lol) on to better posts and happier things.  When I get time I hope to post pics of our park outings and the sprinkler fun the boys have had.  So look forward to that. TTFN.


Ok so most of the time I read peoples facebook status' and they don't really pertain to me but today someone posted about "If I ever complain about something that I made the choice to get myself into I give you permission to shake me senseless." or something like that I don't even remember exactly what it said or who said it but it made me think.  I really hope the people who read my blog don't think that about us.  I know we have made some choices that have turned out to not be so great in the long run.  But we didn't know that at the time we made the decisions obviously.  I just really hope you gals don't feel like i am complaining.  Because I don't want to.  I am looking for encouragement and friendship.  I don't mean for it to sound like complaining if it does. And if it does I am sorry and please comment something like "Hey dumba** your complaining again." :-) or something like that. LOL  I just don't really hang out with anyone or do anything with anyone so my way of getting out of the confines of my depression sometimes is to write it on this blog and whoever reads it and comments is who I get my advice from.  So anyway now that I have left my tidbit i am going to go for now.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying this overcast windy day (if your in wenatchee.), it's a nice break from the blazing sun i guess. :-)  Toodaloo!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some T-Ball pics

I really like this picture but he looks older in this picture....but look at the focus. 

Man this was a good hit....cleared the dirt and a ways into the grass.  Way to go Cameron!